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Jewelry Maintenance

Fine Jewelry is a treasured possession that, with proper care, will last a lifetime. Follow these simple steps to care for your fine jewelry.

Jewelry Polishing Cloth Instructions

General Tips

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent alloy metal. Sterling is the primary material used for silver jewelry, giftware, hollowware, and flatware. Sterling silver, like other precious metals, can oxidize with time. But properly maintained silver jewelry improves with age and develops a lush patina. Treat your silver well, care for it properly, and it will reward you with a long life and a lustrous look.

Karat Gold Jewelry

Karat gold jewelry pieces make up most fine jewelry collections. Gold comes in many different styles and colors, but the care and cleaning procedure remains the same:


Platinum is one of the rarest and most durable precious metals. It is resistant to tarnishing and discoloration from chlorine and other chemicals. These factors, along with its strength and white luster, have made platinum an increasingly popular choice for jewelry, either on its own or as the setting for diamonds and other precious gemstones. However, despite its durability, platinum jewelry needs to be properly cared for.