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Photo showing the the card, jewelry box, and polishing cloth that comes with all Stories from the Heart Collection pieces


All jewelry comes with a jewelry box, polishing cloth, and a story card. An 18 inch sterling silver wheat chain is included in all sterling silver purchases. Gold and White Gold Chains are sold separately.


In Mother's Arms

Photo of the In Mother's Arms pendant Enlarged to show detail
SKU: 3294
18mm x 10mm
0.71in x 0.39in
Metal Choice

From the first moment a mother sees her child take its first breath and their eyes meet in perfect harmony a special bond is created for life. Read More of the Story...

There are wonderful moments of joy as she protects a child until they grow up. She unselfishly loves and cares for her child above all else. She is there with a soft touch, stern hand, and the warmth and joy that only a mother can share. 

Award winning jewelry designer Todd Malcolm presents In Mothers Arms, a design featuring a silhouette of a mother nurturing a child in loving arms, commemorates the unconditional love between a mother and child.

No matter where we are in life. Either as a child or an adult, there are times in our lives that we yearn to be In Mothers Arms.

Blessed With Children

Photo of the Blessed with Children pendant Enlarged to show detail
SKU: 17468
18mm x 10mm
0.71in x 0.39in
Metal Choice

One of the greatest moments in a family's life is the birth of a child into the world. The Blessed With Children pendant brings a joy of love and fulfillment in our lives as we watch them grow and learn as they find their own journey in life. Read More of the Story...

Award winning jewelry designer Todd Malcolm has created this special moment for a family to cherish a lifetime.

A signature detail in many of Todd's depiction of children is the circular head with a concaved split hair design. The body is formed by the cross-giving blessing of birth and life into this wonderful world of a child.


Metal & Size

Photo of a wheat chain

Choose from 18" or 20" chains - either white or yellow gold.

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All pieces are designed and manufactured in the United States.